Armless pilot defying the odds one foot at a time


MONROE, La. – She was born without arms.

Jessica Cox says her journey hasn’t always walked the straight and narrow. 

“It is very frustrating because being told that you can’t do something because you don’t have arms it takes away the power from the individual,” she said.

The things most people take for granted were everyday struggles for Cox growing up.

“Some of the other things that became challenging were getting dressed on my own, doing some things that people don’t even think twice about, some of those were a little bit more complicated,” she said.

Although she sometimes had to take a step back to take a step forward , she never stopped believing in her dreams and she says she has her parents to thank for that.

“My mom said you can do anything,” Cox said.

“With God you can do anything and my dad, he has never once shed a tear about my birth condition.”

That’s why Cox says she took life by the feet and she started to do the unexpected. 
From slacklining, to scuba diving, surfing to Tae Kwon Do, she’s done it all. 

Even more impressive, she stood up against her biggest fear; losing contact with the ground.

It’s something she’s had to rely on her entire life.

“Flying a plane was my greatest fear,” she said.

She now holds the record as the first ever armless pilot.

Cox has traveled to over 23 countries, motivating people to make the impossible possible. 

She inspires others to never let fear stand in the way of opportunity.

“I truly feel that i am blessed and i need to share this message, the world needs to hear it and they need to believe that they can achieve the impossible.”

For more information on how cox spreads her positivity around the world you can head to her website or her YouTube channel called “Life with Feet.”

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