NORTHEAST OKLAHOMA (KFOR) – A world-record paddlefish that weighs over 150 pounds was caught in Oklahoma.

Cory Watters caught the giant paddlefish in Keystone Lake, breaking both a state and world record.

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation announced the huge catch on its official Facebook page.

“ODWC fisheries staff met the angler at Keystone Lake and took measurements of the fish. It weighed 151.9 pounds and was just shy of 6 feet in total length,” ODWC officials said.

The paddlefish had a band on its lower jaw, but the band wasn’t placed by ODWC.

ODWC officials later learned that Oklahoma State University researchers banded the fish on Jan. 4, 1997, in the Salt Creek area of Keystone Lake.

“Back when it was banded, the fish was about 2 years old, weighed about 7 pounds and was just over 2 feet long,” ODWC officials said in the post.

The world-record paddlefish was released back into the water. ODWC staff said the fish swam away well.

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