BRANSON, Mo. — Hospitals are working to educate people on what it’s like working in a COVID-19 unit and nurses are sharing their stories through social media.

“You have multiple patients to balance and you’re at the door, trying to get dressed so you can go in and help them,” said Kayla Hilles, an ICU nurse at Cox Medical Center. “And you’re trying to redirect them to put their oxygen back on their nose. And you see their oxygen levels dropping quickly. All you’re trying to do is rush in there to help them.”

Hilles works every day to try a save COVID-19 patients in ICU.

“We have to get full P-P-E on, and sometimes that takes 5 to 10 minutes, and we can see the patients there that need us,” said Hilles. “That need our help, and it’s really hard to not just run in and help someone when they need it.”

Hilles was the first video featured on Cox Medical Center Branson’s Facebook in a series to honor healthcare workers on the frontlines.

“The death rate’s like one, two percent, sometimes three percent at different times, but that’s because of the work that we do every day,” said Hilles.

As tourism increases in Branson, the area has become a hotspot of the Delta variant, which is causing more beds to fill up in hospitals.

“We can’t do this forever, and I’m not asking you to not see your family,” said Hilles. “I’m not asking you to stay locked in your house. I’m not asking you to not go enjoy your life. I’m asking you to please be careful. You hear on the radio, things are returning to normal. This isn’t normal, and I will never accept that this will be our new normal because nobody should ever have to live like this.”

Hilles says they are expanding the COVID-19 Unit in Cox Branson because of the urgent need.