OKLAHOMA, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — WalletHub published a report where they studied the best and worst states to drive in and revealed Oklahoma to be the second best, with Arkansas and Missouri finishing in the top five in other categories.

According to WalletHub, traffic congestion cost the average U.S. driver $564 in wasted time during 2021, with an average of 36 hours spent sitting in traffic. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traffic congestion has been well below pre-pandemic levels — an average 63 hours less per person.

Oklahoma was listed as the second best state to drive in, behind Iowa at No. 1, with Kansas, North Carolina and Texas finishing the top five.

The study listed Hawaii as the worst state to drive in, ranking low in the cost of ownership & maintenance and traffic & infrastructure categories.

Rhode Island, Delaware, California and Maryland round out the bottom five states.

The rankings were determined by a variety of categories, including cost of ownership & maintenance, traffic & infrastructure, safety, and access to vehicles & maintenance.

Other region states, including Arkansas and Missouri, measured positively in the study, namely in the lowest average gas prices.

Oklahoma has the lowest average gas prices according to WalletHub, with an average price of $2.98 per gallon, which is 1.6 times lower than California, the state with the highest at $4.71 per gallon.

Arkansas is listed at No. 3, behind Texas at No. 2, while Mississippi sits at No. 4 and Missouri rounds out the top five.

To see WalletHub’s full findings, click here.