FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — ArtCourt, an “immersive and experiential community space,” is opening in downtown Fayetteville.

According to a press release from Experience Fayetteville, ArtCourt is “conceived of as a basketball court that would blur the boundaries of art and play.”

“ArtCourt is ultimately a basketball court, but even the casual passerby will quickly see that the space is far more than a venue for shooting hoops,” the release states. ArtCourt sits at the heart of the street’s lively nightlife scene and active pedestrian sidewalk life and draws on its eclectic history and “a diverse range of influences from karesansui (traditional Japanese dry gardens) to Art Deco theater marquees.”

Originally a family-owned garage in the 1940s, the site at 227 W. Dickson Street is no stranger to being a gathering spot. This location has played host to a storied string of local institutions, including the Dickson Street Theater, which was home to Sunday night drag shows, Art Amiss, a church, fashion shows and decades of music.

“We have a long history of bringing our shared spaces to life in ways that truly show off who we are as a community,” said Experience Fayetteville CEO Molly Rawn. “Fayetteville has demonstrated time and again that we’re not just willing to experiment and try what is new—we embrace newness and make it our own. ArtCourt is another example of what can happen when progressive partnerships come together to make something truly distinct.”

For all of its artfulness, history and inspirations, the purpose of ArtCourt is simple: It’s “a meeting point, a shared community space to gather, relax, play or just take it all in.” Experience Fayetteville says that ArtCourt is for everyone—from pick-up game pros to families strolling down Dickson Street. It’s for anyone seeking new creative experiences, day or night.

“ArtCourt is an extension and celebration of what’s already being built right here in Fayetteville,” said Olivia Tyson, president of the Tyson Family Foundation. “It’s an honor to be among so many different initiatives and individuals that spotlight the creative personality of our community.”

ArtCourt is made possible through a generous contribution from The Tyson Family Foundation as a part of its ongoing commitment to supporting thriving downtowns for the diverse and evolving communities of Northwest Arkansas. It is operated through a special partnership with Experience Fayetteville.