FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The Razorback baseball team will begin its expected Omaha journey in Fayetteville by hosting a Regional series this weekend. With no capacity restrictions and a historically-good season, a University of Arkansas economist said the event will be a big boost to the local economy.

“You’re helping the hotels, you’re helping the restaurants—all the people who work in the restaurants,” said Jeff Cooperstein, a UA economist.

Cooperstein said the expected crowd from across the state and country will increase the money flow in the region. This could even have a long-term benefit in terms of transplants.

“This could just be one more thing that’s going to attract people to Northwest Arkansas,” Cooperstein said. “Maybe some people decide it’s worth exploring a little more, coming to visit, then they decide they want to come live here.”

Foghorn’s is a restaurant right across the street from Baum-Walker Stadium. General Manager Claire Hoskins said the regular season series against Florida gave workers a chance to prepare for the big crowds, but it’ll be a new experience for some.

“I just need [them] to understand how many people are going to be in here,” Hoskins said. “At least they got that one good taste, but I do tell them all the time to just be ready.”

Hoskins said if this weekend is anything like the previous four Regionals she’s been around for, it’ll be a big weekend for making money.

“Business will be phenomenal,” Hoskins said. “People will flood in, they’ll flood out, and they’ll do it for the entirety of the time.”