ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Rogers will host Bikes, Blues & BBQ for the first time this week as thousands of people are expected to roll through the area.

The rally kicks off Wednesday and runs through Saturday. Keith Foster with Rogers Police Department said it will be all hands on deck to patrol the events.

“We’re going to be working on days off and we still have to man our shifts, we still have our regular calls for the people of the city and all this extra stuff on top of that,” Foster said.

Rogers’ businesses are also gearing up for an influx of people. Manager of Province Brewing Company Robert Thomas said he is ready to see many customers.

“We’re super close to the Harley shop down there so we have bikers here anyway so we’re definitely excited for them to come in,” Thomas said.

Foster said safety will be top of mind, but the department will probably have to adjust its patrol once the event gets into gear.

“Given that this is the first time of the event here in Rogers of course it’s going to take a little bit of flexibility, we don’t quite know where the big choke points and intersections will back up, which we’ll learn that as we go along,” Foster said.

The main attractions for this year’s rally will be in downtown Rogers and the convention center.

Foster encourages everyone to be extra cautious on the roads this week because of the increase in motorcycle riders in the area.