FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) The Bella Vista Bypass has been officially opened now for more than two months, and local businesses are starting to notice the benefits of its completion. 

The general manager of Allen’s Food Market, located right off the Bella Vista Bypass, says not only has it made his own commute easier and brought in more business; it’s also brought in new employees who have been greatly needed. 

“75% of traffic seems to be gone. That is a much better thing for us here that live in Bella Vista,” says Steve Morrow, gm for Allen’s Foods. 

Since the Bella Vista Bypass opened on October 1, the Arkansas Department of Transportation has monitored how many cars travel along different roads. 

According to the traffic analysis, Highway 71 in Bella Vista has seen 10,000 fewer cars a day. Eliminating congested traffic and boosting the number of people who choose to stop and shop at local businesses. 

“We have been seeing people come in from Bentonville or Rogers saying that it’s easier to get here now; we’re thrilled about that,” says Morrow. 

Morrow says The additional business from in and out of town has been fantastic. 

But the more convenient commute has also been helping to solve his staffing shortage bring in new employees like Kent Whisler.

“It’s easy to get to now; you know it’s straight. Instead of all over the place and crooked like it used to be. You don’t have to worry about the deer as much,” says Whisler. 

But Morrow says safer streets for his employees and his shoppers matter most. 

“I totaled my car right out in front of the store because of that intersection. One of my employees got hit by a semi on her lunch break who pulled out in front of her; it had been unsafe out in front of the store here,” says Morrow.