FAYETTEVILLE, Ark (KNWA/KFTA) – The Arkansas Department of Transportation has announced a completion date for the Bella Vista ByPass, a date which will be marked with a ribbon-cutting on September 30th

“I used to have to drive back and forth between here, and Fayetteville and this bypass has taken 30 minutes off my drive,” said a waitress at Hiwasse Diner Brenda Brown. 

We ran into Brown working at Hiwasse Diner. She said she remembers life before the bypass like it was yesterday.  

“We used to have to go all the way through Bentonville from here hitting all the stoplights and then to the freeway, so it’s helped quite a bit,” said Brown. 

Brown said not only will this bypass make life easier for those living up here, but she is also excited about the potential business it will also pull in. 

“We’re hoping to get a lot more travelers in here that are coming through on their way,” said Brown. 

Dave Parker with the Arkansas Department of Transportation agrees. The bypass will the great for those living up here, whether it’s taking time off your commute to work or pulling in new visitors to the area. 

Although he said the bypass is more than just a luxury, it’s a necessity for people moving to the area. 

“You take the number of roads and the increased number of cars and trucks on the road, alleviating some of that pressure is going to make things safer, quicker, more efficient,” said Parker 

Parker said the bypass will be fully operational on September 30th. In terms of the actual ribbon-cutting ceremony, many details are still being worked out, but what he does know is that both the Arkansas governor and Missouri governor will be in attendance.