SEBASTIAN COUNTY, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A Benton County deputy was arrested for domestic abuse on Saturday.

Liam Amos Carey, 28, of Rogers, was arrested on Aug. 12 for domestic assault in the third degree.

A police report says that officers were dispatched to a residence in Fort Smith in reference to a domestic disturbance.

The person that called the police claimed that a man had pulled a woman’s hair and slapped another woman’s face.

The caller noted that the suspect, Carey, was a deputy at the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon arrival, police spoke with a woman identified as one of the victims, who was “visibly upset and crying.”

The victim told police that they had held a birthday party at the residence, and that Carey, her boyfriend, was present. She advised that everyone had been drinking, but that Carey had been drinking “a lot.”

The victim said that the two had been in a relationship for a while, and that she has been around him before when he drinks. She said that this time, “he just snapped and lost control,” and that she had never seen him act like this before.

She told police that Carey had shoved her and yelled in her friend’s face, and that he was stumbling around and slurring his speech.

The victim said that she placed her hands on the side of Carey’s arms while trying to get him to tell her what was going on. He then pushed her in the shoulder and caused her to fall to the ground in the kitchen. The victim said that she did not have any visible injuries as a result of this.

The report says that the victim was pushed in the head at one point, but she did not want to describe it as a “smack” because she was afraid to get Carey in trouble.

Carey reportedly told police that “He did not remember much else about what happened except he passed out and when he woke up everyone was mad at him.”

Police later interviewed the second victim, who claimed that Carey “snapped” and slapped the first victim.

The second victim said that after stepping in to help the first victim, Carey “grabbed her by the hair with one hand and her throat with the other.”

Police said that during the drive to the detention center for booking, Carey was “intoxicated to the point that he could not recall where he was.

The police report says that Carey’s ballistic vest, sheriff’s deputy badge, Glock 17 pistol and Glock 30S .45 pistol were all confiscated during his arrest. The Glock .45 was his personal gun, the rest were all owned by the sheriff’s office.

Benton County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Shannon Jenkins confirmed that Carey started his role as deputy on May 2, 2022, and was terminated on Aug. 14, 2023.