Benton County Voters Wait For Cradduck Verdict


Sheriff Kelley Cradduck arrested and booked into his own jail on felony and misdemeanor tampering charges Tuesday, all on the heels of election season.

Sheriff Kelley Cradduck’s trial is set for late February, just days before voting begins in Benton County, but in spite of Tuesday’s arrest, some voters in Benton County not writing him off their ballots just yet.

Benton County residents, like Brandy Curry, are choosing to rely on the justice system to vet the accusations made against Sheriff Kelley Cradduck.

“Hopefully he’ll be found guilty or innocent and it sheds light on him as a person, not on the county as a whole,” Brandy Curry a Benton County resident said.

Sheriff Cradduck releasing a statement on Facebook Tuesday saying in part, he’s very confident he’ll be vindicated. he adds he remains committed to keeping Benton County safe.

The Secretary Of State’s Office told us Tuesday, if found guilty of the felony tampering and misdemeanor tampering charges, Cradduck could be removed from office.

At that point, the Quorum Court would appoint an interim Sheriff, who would hold office until the newly elected official takes over.

Though Curry said she’ll be waiting for a final verdict before casting her vote.

“It depends on really if he’s found guilty or not, if he actually did these things and they can prove it, Curry said.

Others we spoke with, who didn’t want to go on camera told us they had ill-opinions of Sheriff Cradduck, many saying he got what he deserved.

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