BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — Bentonville could become the home of the next Guinness World Record.

All the way from Washington state, Kody Clark, is ready to break the record for longest ramp to dirt bicycle jump and he said Bentonville is the coolest place for mountain biking, which is why he choose to do it here.

“They’re claiming it’s a mountain bike capital of the world. I see the vision, I see the work going in. It’s all awesome. It’s there. It’s gonna be that, so let’s put the cherry on the top, let’s put the world record here,” said Michael Lasalata, the CEO of Hellion Bikes, a Bentonville bike shop sponsoring Clark.

Clark said he made the decision to break the Guinness World Record in Bentonville after visiting the annual Bike Festival.

The previous record for the longest ramp to dirt bicycle jump is 116 feet and Clark is going for 150. He’ll start out with a 50 foot gap in the beginning and work his way up to the big jump foot by foot.

Clark said getting his name in the Guinness World Record Book will be a dream come true.

“It’s not for the money. It’s not for the fame. It’s just to chase a childhood dream,” said Clark.

Clark and his sponsor said each part of the process is being documented. If he breaks the record, the videos will be turned into a documentary movie for next year’s Bentonville Film Festival.

Clark plans to make the jump at the Benton County Fairgrounds over the course of the next week.