Bentonville Mayoral Race Heats Up with Mail Ads


Bentonville mayoral candidate Stephanie Orman and John Skaggs say voters are getting politically charged mail undercutting their campaigns.

They say the mailer comes from the same republican super pack that is backing Candidate Jim Webb.

Although Webb says he doesn’t condone the super pack style campaigning. Orman and Skaggs say the language used in the ads are mis-leading and in some cases just not true. 

“Its no longer a local race,” Skaggs said.

Mail ads from the Republican State Leadership Committee endorsing candidate Jim Webb for Bentonville mayor has Orman asking questions.

“If you’re going to say something like this you might want to actually give the facts about it,” Orman said.

The two candidates say outside funding has slipped it’s way into our local elections.

“They can spend unlimited funds on a local race,” Orman said.  

“This is a collection of the mail outs that have been sent out from Jim Webb or on behalf of him,” Skaggs said.

Candidate Jim Webb wouldn’t go on camera with us but released this statement today.

“I do not agree with the negative tactics recently used by the republican state leadership committee,” Jim Webb said.

“This is a non-partisan race, which means that people don’t run on the basis of any party, ” Skaggs said. 

Both candidates who are in the ads said propaganda used in the mail outs are factually inaccurate and could confuse voters.

“Here its its talking about driving Bentonville into further debt, Bentonville has no debt,” Skaggs said.

“Our budget has to be balanced by law so I thnk addressing those concerns is what people are looking for in a mayor, ” Orman said. 

While the newest mail ads sent out today talk about new bonds Skaggs and Orman are in favor of to drive the city in debt, both candidates reiterated the fact that bonds are voted on by the citizens of Bentonville and not the mayor. 

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