BETHEL HEIGHTS, Ark. (KNWA) — Mayor Cynthia Black has denied all claims of the dumping or flooding of raw sewage to any residents, property and ponds, but in turn, sent an interim plan to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Black told residents that claims regarding Bethel Heights Wastewater Treatment system are false.

In response to a letter sent from the ADEQ July 24, Black submitted interim and operation plans to the agency.

She stated the town will begin retro-fitting select zones with guidance from the Health Department with a gravel trench method for drip lines.

Black acknowledged drip lines and further stated those in town will begin haul-off operations to NACA to allow for the maintenance and retro-fit of the drip lines.

Remediation treatment to any pool and pond areas will be with lime application per consultation with the Health Department, Black stated.