FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — Protesters in Fayetteville are raising awareness about infant circumcision.

“Bloodstained Men & Their Friends” protested outside of the University of Arkansas on Friday afternoon to raise awareness for what they call male genital mutilation.

BSM’s goal is to end the process of circumcision by spreading a message of intactivism – using more than just language in protests – like bloodstained clothes.

The group calls it the “Circumcision Crisis Project” – a 17-day protest that tours 16 different college towns to reach young adults before they have children.

Harry Guiremand, the spokesman for BSM, says circumcision is harmful and unnecessary and calls it a violent infringement on human rights. “The more people that become aware of the problem, the more people are able to resist the pressure,” Guiremand said. “Sometimes parents are pressured by their doctors to cut their sons so, we’re reaching young people before they have kids so when they do have kids, they are prepared.”

Mayo Clinic says the procedure is common within the United States and the health risks are rare. Some reasons parents choose to not have their son circumcised range from religious to personal preference to cosmetic.