WASHINGTON, D.C. (KNWA/KFTA) — Sen. John Boozman and Rep. Steve Womack both of Arkansas criticized President Joe Biden’s announced budget plan on March 9.

Both lawmakers say Biden’s plan uses tax gimmicks and would ramp up the United State’s debt.

“President Biden’s latest budget request is weeks late and woefully short of the comprehensive economic reform this country desperately needs,” Womack said in a statement. “It increases the public debt to 110% of GDP by 2033, fails to fund national security to account for inflation, and practically ensures that the government runs on unsustainable continuing resolutions for the rest of the fiscal year–or worse–enters a shutdown. Frankly, it is ridiculous President Biden can’t deliver his budget request on time and when he eventually does – it isn’t even a full request! Hardworking Americans in the Third District don’t want unrealistic wish lists and tax gimmicks; they need real solutions that foster job creation, expedite economic recovery, and address the country’s growing deficits.”

Boozman on Twitter calls for a bipartisan plan to address the budget.

“Pres. Biden’s budget puts us on a path to $50 trillion in debt by 2033,” Boozman said. “The simple truth is our country can’t sustain this reckless spending forever and we should work in a bipartisan way to get it under control. Higher taxes and accounting gimmicks won’t cut it.”

President Biden on March 9 unveiled a sweeping budget plan for the coming fiscal year that touched on defense, tax increases, entitlements, child tax credits, Ukraine and China and border security.