Breakfast Buzz: Amazon Prime Membership On Sale


Amazon is slashing the price of it’s Prime membership from $99 to $79 dollars on Friday only. That story tops this morning’s Breakfast Buzz.

The promotion is to celebrate the launch of the companies Prime-only TV show called, The Grand Tour. Prime subscribers get free two-day shipping and can stream TV shows and movies. The sale is for new Prime members only.

The holiday season means more packages ending up on your front porch. Experts say 23 million people have had packages stolen, and now Amazon has a solution. In cities like Irving, the company is partnering with local businesses to offer lockers that will hold your packages until you can come get them. You get a code, which opens a random locker with your package inside. They are new, but the company says are becoming popular quickly.

The internet’s first look at a Beauty and the Beast clip went over big! Disney says its first full trailer for the live-action fairy tale, opening next march, set a record with more than 127-million views in its first 24-hours online. Star, Emma Watson, posted it on her Facebook page, accounting for 27-million of those views.

McDonald’s has launched a new iMessage app called Mcdonald’s McRib finder. It’s free and uses the smartphone’s GPS to find the nearest McRib-selling McDonald’s. It also allows users to share that location with friends.

A family in Arizona claims they grow a mushroom that tastes like bacon! The Sonoran Mushroom Company harvests all kinds of edible fungi, and the family says when cooked, they have a meaty kind of smoky bacon flavor. They also claim the mushrooms can help reduce cholesterol levels and studies are being done to see if they can stimulate a person’s immune system to fight cancer. The bacon tasting mushrooms sell for about four dollars per small container.

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