Breakfast Buzz: An Arkansas Family Uses YouTube to Build Home

A mom from Arkansas making headlines across the country for using YouTube tutorials to build her family home.
That story tops this morning’s Breakfast Buzz. 
Now, the two-time divorced mom of four has written a book about the experience called “Rise: How a House Built a Family.” The story chronicles the life of Cara Brookins, her children and their mission to build a 35-hundred-square-foot home in nine-months. The family managed to pull off the feat with just $130,000. The book will be released on January 24th.
Nintendo is unveiling its latest effort to win over those old school gamers with the Switch. It’s a handheld system that can transform into a home console. It goes on sale worldwide on March third… for $299.  It’s first wave of titles feature such iconic Nintendo franchises as “Mario” and “The Legend of Zelda”.
A man in Virginia who was upset with the DMV delivered his tax payment in pennies 300,000 of them. Nick Stafford wanted to make a point because he says the state denied his request for a phone number to the local DMV office. So he filed lawsuits and because of the inconvenience and he wanted to be inconvenience for them. It took five wheelbarrows to carry all the pennies.  The DMV spent 12-hours to count all the money. 
A new survey finds people eat frozen meals because they like them not just because they are convenient. One-third of the people surveyed said the meals were easy to prepare. More than a quarter eat them because of cost savings. Processed meals were associated with less fruit and vegetable intake than meal planning.  But experts say more research needs to be done to confirm the findings. 
A five-year old in Fort Bragg, North Carolina got a special present from his mother. The boy found the giant box at the front door and unwrapped it to find his father inside. Dad is in the military and was returning home unexpectedly from deployment. The family says the boy and his father are “super close” and they are excited to have him home.

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