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Federal officials are working on ways to help you get through airports faster. That story tops this morning’s Breakfast Buzz.

The Transportation Security Administration launched its new experimental equipment at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport this week. The system will separate and re-route suspicious suitcases to help improve overall flow. Baggage bins will also automatically recirculate after they go through security machines. Airports in London and Amsterdam already use similar systems.

House speaker Paul Ryan says he’s still not ready to endorse Donald Trump. Ryan has met with the presumptive republican nominee. He even called meetings with his campaign “productive”. But that doesn’t mean ryan is fully on board with the idea of a President Trump. The speaker didn’t say when he plans to officially announce his endorsement, if there is one at all. He says he’s now focusing on uniting the GOP and ending what he calls “the bitterness in our politics.”

Tesla’s autopilot technology is also making headlines. But, not in the way the company intended. A viral video of a man using the tech to sleep behind the wheel should be filed under “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.” Tesla says their new autopilot technology is designed to give drivers confidence behind the wheel, but still requires them to be alert and ready to take control at any time. The car company is using the opportunity to remind owners to be safe and responsible. It still appears this particular driver may have hit the snooze bar.

Smartphones may not be as small as they used to be, but this version should be easier to carry around. It’s a bendable smartphone that a Chinese start-up plans to unveil. The phone has a flexible touchscreen, so it can be worn as a watch or bracelet. The Moxi Group says the phone also works stretched flat. The downside is that the touchscreen currently only comes in black-and-white. The company is hoping to have a full color version by 2018. The price tag will be around $760.

You’ve heard of bomb-sniffing dogs and drug-sniffing dogs. Now the FBI has an electronics-sniffing dog. If it’s electronic, and a criminal hides it, this dog can find it. It can even find a hidden thumb drive. Iris, a black labrador retriever, is trained to sniff out evidence that’s not always easy to find. Whenever she smells electronics, she sits down and gets a treat. She’s trained to smell a specific chemical that’s used to cool memory chips on most electronic devices. The Connecticut State Police came up with the idea. Iris has been on the job just one month, and has already helped solve cases.

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