Two girls are dead just days apart after sources and relatives say they both committed suicide. Family members say bullying is to blame, but the two cases are not related.

Thursday, Carolina Rodriguez’s parents held a visitation for other family and friends. While reflecting on the good times they shared with the 12-year-old, they’re also bringing to light the bigger problem of bullying.

“She was going to the movies for her birthday,” said Yesenia Ramirez, Rodriguez’s Sister.

Instead of celebrating Carolina Rodriguez’s birthday with balloons, family and friends are left celebrating her life.

“She never seemed depressed, she never seemed upset,” said Mia Velasquez, Rodriguez’s friend since they were 6-years-old.

“I have four sisters, they each had their own thing, Carolina…she was the creative one,” said Ramirez.

Family members say Carolina took her life on Sunday, just one day before she would have been 13.
They say she was bullied for years.

“She started changing the way she dressed,” said Ramirez. “She felt really insecure about her body so she would hide it with baggy clothes, she wouldn’t want to fix her hair, just throw it up in a bob.”

Her sister says the 12-year-old developed quicker than other girls her age, making her an easy target.

“Mean words is all it took. She’s been suffering with this for about a year now. It started in Middle School. It got to her. It was too much for her to handle I guess,” said Ramirez.

Carolina started cutting herself, and her family put her through two weeks of counseling, and thought everything was okay.

“She was happy, she was looking forward to stuff again,” said Ramirez.

Yesenia says Carolina started smiling more, crying less but she still took her own life.

“I think we’re to the point where tears are running out, it’s exhausting,” she said.

While Carolina is now gone, her family holds on to the memories and moments they spent with her.

“MIllions of beautiful pictures of her. We have all the stuff she made for us.” Ramirez said. “Boys, adults, anybody honestly needs to know this is not the answer.”

Springdale Police urge parents to remain vigilant and proactive with their children’s online activity.

There is a cookout to help Rodriguez’s parents with expenses Sunday, February 14th at the Imperial Salon in Springdale, AR from 9am to 5pm.

This story was originally reported by Tevin Wooten. You can follow this report and more at Tevin’s Twitter or Facebook page.