Bus drivers can often be a child’s first impression of school – being the first person they see as they make their way to the classroom.

That’s why Fayetteville School district’s Director of Transportation Tommy Davenport says it’s so important to have great bus drivers in the district. School bus drivers carry a load of responsibility every day and in order to be able to do it, they have to be qualified.

In order to be a bus driver for the Fayetteville School District, you first have to get your Class “B” CDL or Commercial Drivers License. It allows drivers to operate larger vehicles on the road after taking a class and passing a test with the state police and is required by federal law. Fayetteville’s School District also requires drivers to pass a Department of Transportation physical.

Even though there is a bit of work involved, Davenport says driving school buses is a rewarding experience. Just a couple weeks ago, he says, he ran into one of his old students. Davenport says, “She was in first grade when she started riding the school bus. Well, I hadn’t seen her for several years and she was in her 40’s and she walked up to me and said – you used to drive my school bus. That’s the positive thing. That’s the reward. You impact lives and you impact them in a positive way to safely get them to school and safely get them home.”

Davenport says the district needs full time, part time, and substitute drivers. If you’re interested in driving a bus, you can find more information here.