CAMDEN, Ark. (KTVE/KARD) — A Camden couple has been criminally charged in a case of abuse involving two infant twin girls. A doctor believed that the two girls exhibited signs of abuse from the couple. The mother was charged with permitting the abuse of a minor, and the father was charged with domestic battery in the first and second degrees.

The 13th District Court of Arkansas records indicate that on July 20, 2022, Ouachita County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Ouachita County Medical Center in reference to a 9-week-old female who was having problems breathing. The attending physician informed deputies that the brain bleed was the result of blunt force trauma.

Authorities came into contact with Sadie Sullivent and Patrick Robertson, the parents. The parents explained that they were at home and Sullivent was sleeping, but Robertson was taking care of the infant and placed her in a basinet while he went to use the restroom. When Robertson returned from the bathroom, he felt something was off about the infant. 

Reports show that Sullivent and Robertson were not sure how the injuries occurred, but stated that the infant had a previous accident two weeks ago and had fallen off the couch. 

The infant was transported to a children’s hospital by airlift, where she received treatment for her injuries. On July 21, 2022, the child was given a checkup by a doctor, who diagnosed abusive head trauma and child physical abuse. Multiple rib fractures, spine compression fractures, intracranial hemorrhaging, swelling in the brain from excess fluid, retinal hemorrhages, and bruised lung and ligamentous injuries to the neck are all listed as known injuries in the affidavit.

The physician concluded from the radiologic findings that the injuries to the head were severe and the fractures were healing.

Furthermore, the doctor pointed out that shaking, in combination with impact injuries that are consistent with physical abuse, can cause brain injuries and transcranial hemorrhage. Permanent neurological damage was also a possibility for the infant due to the injuries, according to the doctor. 

Around 30 minutes after the checkup, the parents were given the information, and the doctor was also called by the infant’s case worker, who said that Robertson allegedly stated that he bumped the child’s head. The infant’s twin sister was given an examination, and four fractured ribs and a broken femur were found. The twins’ grandparents have now been assigned as their caretakers.