Candidates Speak Following New York Primaries


Coming out of New York’s primary, Clinton and Trump are winners.

A beaming Clinton celebrated her win in New York’s high-stakes democratic primary by telling cheering supporters “there’s no place like home.” Clinton was joined onstage by her family for the first time since the night of the New Hampshire primary. She told the audience the nomination battle is “in the home stretch” and that “victory is in sight.” Clinton offered a conciliatory note to Bernie Sanders supporters.

“Thank you New York! You know, today you proved once again there’s no place like home,” said Clinton.

Clinton will campaign in Pennsylvania Wednesday by holding a gun violence roundtable at a Philadelphia church and an evening rally. Pennsylvania is one of five states holding primaries Tuesday of next week. Sanders also offered Clinton congratulations.

“Today we took Secretary Clinton on in her own state of New York and we lost. I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her victory. Next week we will be competing in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, and Delaware, and we look forward to winning a number of those states,” said Sanders.

He went on to say the voting process in New York concerns him.

On the republican side, Donald trump cruised to a blowout victory, exceeding 50 percent of the vote to capture an overwhelming majority of the delegates. With a jubilant swagger, Trump made his way through the crowd at Trump Tower to the tune of New York, New York.” He enjoyed the moment, as he waved to the crowd, shook hands, and hugged supporters, all before delivering his brief and subdued victory speech. Flanked by his family, Trump told the crowd that he planned to celebrate his big win for “about two hours.”

“I can think of nowhere that I would rather have this victory. So, we love you all, have a great evening, we celebrate and tomorrow morning we go back to work,” said Trump.

Trump hits the campaign trail Wednesday with stops in Indiana and Maryland. The race now moves to five states that will hold their primaries on April 26.

Ted Cruz tossed aside his normal stump remarks Tuesday night, during a low-key election night event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.The Texas senator spoke for less than 15 minutes before an audience of about 150 supporters and quickly acknowledged Donald Trump’s pending New York victory. Cruz called himself a “true outsider,” while asking for republicans and Americans to overcome differences and find broad principles to rally around. He praised President Obama’s original slogan of “yes we can,” but accused Obama of failing to live up to the promise of unity. Instead Cruz said Americans should unite behind a pledge of “yes we will” into the future.

“Here’s the truth. You don’t need me or any politician. But we do need each other, all of us, coming together as one, as we the people, because not only do we say, yes we can, beginning here and now we pledge to each and every one of us, yes we will,” said Cruz.

John Kasich didn’t mention the New York primary at an evening town hall in Maryland. He did wear a pair of boxing gloves, while promising to fight for the republican presidential nomination all the way to the convention. The Ohio governor campaigned Tuesday in two states holding primaries next week. He ridiculed Trump’s promise to resurrect a thriving steel industry in Pittsburgh. Kasich brushed aside a question over whether a candidate would have to win eight states to be considered for the nomination, as the rules stated in 2012. Kasich has only won his home state, but predicted the nomination will be settled by delegates at the summer convention, where the rules have yet to be written.

“I believe the delegates will look at that and I think they’re going to make a pick my way, that’s what I believe. And there’s one other thing. I’m the only one here with a positive message, a unifying message, I think the party ought to have a choice when it comes to that,” said Kasich.

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