On this week’s Capitol View, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton joins Jessi Turnure discussed their opinions on immigration after President Donald Trump visited the United States/Mexico border. 

President Trump’s tour is reigniting the debate over immigration policy.

During his visit to Calexico, California, the President insisted the U.S. is full, and can’t handle any more migrants. 

He has backed off his recent threat to close the border altogether. 

Democrats argue threats like that make the border situation worse. 

Republicans, including Arkansas’s Tom Cotton, noting that the number of people showing up at the border has spiked in recent weeks.

 “We have had a huge surge in illegal immigration at our border. In March alone, it’s one of the highest months in the last decade. But it’s a very different kind of illegal immigration than most people perceive or are used to over the last 30 years,” Sen. Tom Cotton said. “This surge in migration is driven by adults showing up with children, sometimes their own, sometimes not their own, and saying that they have a fear of persecution, seeking asylum, usually from Central American countries.” 

So what should the U.S. do in response? 

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