FAYETTEVILLE, Ark.(KNWA/KFTA) — Northwest Arkansas has a new upcoming artist who decided to use her talents to give back to the community.

Lindsay Wallace is the brains behind the operation and came up with the idea to start an art club in her backyard.

Wallace says she started the program in the summer for the kids to have a way to learn, have fun, and get some energy out.

“There was an opportunity here to teach them the value of art and the power of art,” Wallace said.

So, she came up with auctioning the art on eBay and donating the funds to the Children’s Safety Center, which uses art in its children’s healing process,” Wallace said.

After the program, Wallace says she had to figure out a way to put the children’s art to use.

“Because in 2021, the Children’s Safety Center helped 632 children with services for various types of abuse, so it was important that we put a value on this art that we felt represented the mission,” Wallace said.

Wallace started off the bid at $632 on eBay.

The children were overjoyed to be helping their community in a big way and said they can’t wait for the program next year.