Scarlett Lewis is looking for prevention after the loss of her son, Jesse Lewis in the Sandy Hook shooting.

“Following that, I asked myself two questions: ‘How could something like this happen? What can I do personally to be part of the solution?'” said Lewis.

Lewis created the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement. It’s a program based on social and emotional learning, instead of violence.

“There have been decades of scientific research on social emotional learning and we know that it is the most pro active and preventative mental health initiative that we have  putting this in schools is really a pro-active approach,” Lewis added. “We are really telling kids here is what they can’t do to feel good but we are not giving them a positive option.”

 “It’s not just about math and reading and science and social studies. we value that social and emotional learning just as well,” said Lechtenberger.

Washington Elementary Counselor Tara Lechtenberger is seeing the program unfold, with hope of a better future for her students.

“If they’ve gone through this program,  that they choose love that they don’t choose violence and that’s really the key”  said Lechtenberger.

Lewis, a Fayetteville native, is working so no one else has to see the type of violence that forever changed her own life.

“We’ve found that choosing love becomes the vernacular of the classroom and kids really just embrace it,” said Lewis.

For more information on the movement, click here.

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