FAYETTEVILLE– A Fayetteville Baptist Church attaching controversial pamphlets to people’s homes, voicing their opinions on homosexuality.

“I was just offended that they would be going door-to-door in this community with that information. I think most neighbors were pretty offended,” Fayetteville Resident, Joanna McCusker said.

Some Fayetteville residents up in arms as flyers addressing the topic of homosexuality are attached to doors in the Historic District neighborhood.

“I’ve had religious pamphlets dropped off, but nothing like that,” Fayetteville resident, Joan Sirlin, said.

The pamphlet asks the question, “Does God love Homosexuals?” The answer given says, “This is a flawed question, there are no such things as Homosexuals.”

“I just don’t think it’s right to push your religious beliefs on people in neighborhoods like this or any neighborhood,” Sirlin said.

Residents tells us a large group, including children, from the Lighthouse Baptist Church are behind the message.

“There was a young boy who was attaching some sort of literature to our door. It’s very sad that they’re using children to promote their message,” McCusker said.

Pastor Paul Caldwell of Lighthouse Baptist Church would not talk with us in person, but did provide a response via text message.

“Our church loves the LGBT community, hence the reason we have decided since Spring 2014 to reach out to them. This is just another avenue we are trying,” Caldwell says.

Pastor Caldwell says these flyers are not mean to convince those who have made their mind up about this issue, but instead for those confused about the Christian response.

“To them it is simply a reminder that God loves them, and if I were to truly love them then I must tell them the truth,” Caldwell said.

But resident, Joanna McCusker says that’s not how she interpreted the message that hurt some of her homosexual neighbors.

“If you read their literature you’ll see that they don’t actually believe that there are such thing as gay people, it’s almost a science-fiction idea that they have,” McCusker said.

Pastor Paul Caldwell says this message is not intended to offend anyone. He says Lighthouse Baptist Church is choosing to go door-to-door, because it’s the easiest way to spread their beliefs.