ROGERS, Ark. (KNWA/FOX24) —Cities across the region are monitoring their water supply as the heat wave continues. Some communities in Washington County have been asked to conserve water, but the City of Rogers said it’s water supply is good right now.

The Rogers Water Utilities Superintendent told KNWA/FOX24 that they are sending out between 17 and 18 million gallons of water a day. About 8.5 million gallons of that goes down the drain as waste water.

Despite that, Roger spokesperson Peter Masonis said the city’s water supply is in good condition.

Like the other three major municipalities in Northwest Arkansas, Rogers gets its water supply from Beaver Lake. So even though things are good right now, it’s still a good idea to try to conserve water.

“I think we all do a little bit it can go a long way towards benefiting the region as a whole and could probably save you and your household budget as well,” said Masonis.

He said he doesn’t anticipate the city having to put out any water conservation announcements in the future.

Some tips to conserve to conserve water include putting your lawn irrigation system on a timer, doing your laundry in one load and plugging up your sink and filling it with water to wash your dishes.