Right now, all eyes are on track and field.
With 15 University of Arkansas athletes and alumni competing in various events in Rio de Janeiro, what the secret to success is for gold medal winners, like Omar McLeod?
“Doug the question everyone has is how do I get to be like Omar McLeod, you coach him. How do you?,” Reporter Hilary Hunt asked.
“Well genetics play a big roll,” U of A track and Field Coach Doug Case said.
That and hard work is what McLeod’s college Coach Doug Case said he got the recent U of A grad the golden hardware, Tuesday night in Rio.
“The first time that he actually got to Arkansas and we did some training and we got him in the first track meet and immediately I was like this guy is the real thing,” Coach Doug said.
McLeod, breaking records at the U of A and owning the track at the Olympics; something the Razorback program is known for.
“I think it proves that we do a good job of preparing them for the next level,” Coach Doug said.
“Okay, so I wanted to see what is it like to be like Omar McLeod, so of course who could do a better job than his coach so let’s hit the track…lets go,” Reporter Hunt said.
It is not as easy as it looks. The 10 hurdles McLeod made look effortless Tuesday night. Each stand 42 inches tall
and he is just one of many Razorbacks representing in Brazil, including ten former and current athletes from the women’s team.
“I’m proud of each and everyone one of them it’s kind of like being a dad,” U of A Women’s Track Coach Lance Harter said.
Coach Lance Harter turning out many Razorback greats, putting the Arkansas program in the international spotlight.
“I think it’s fantastic anytime you can spread the Razorback name,” Coach Harter said.