BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A local running group is gathering Friday morning to finish the race for a runner who never made it home.

Police in Tennessee said Tuesday they had found the body of a Memphis woman who was taken during an early morning run. That woman was Eliza Fletcher. She was killed after she was forced into an SUV on Friday morning.

Allie Kaminski organized an event in Eliza’s honor, to finish her race at the Bentonville Square. Racers will start in front of the Bentonville Courthouse. Kaminski said everyone can run at their own pace.

Kaminski said Eliza’s death hit close to home. As a runner herself, she said it’s scary to think about something bad happening when out on a run, especially going into the winter months.

“I run very early in the morning, 4:30 to 5, the same time she was running. A lot of my friends do as well,” said Kaminski.

The event will be a four-mile loop around Memorial Park and back to the Bentonville Square. She hopes everyone can come together to support Eliza and support fellow runners.

“The running community here is extremely inclusive of anybody from any background with any running experience. So, just come out and meet some people. I think you’ll be surprised,” said Kaminski.

Friday’s run will also be advocating for runners’ safety. Mike Rush owns Rush Running Company. As a runner himself, with a wife that gets up to run every morning at 5:00, he thinks about safety often.

“The number one thing is to find a group. Find a buddy, run with someone and try not to run by yourself, especially if you’re running at night or early in the morning,” said Rush.

He also recommends keeping a phone in your hands at all times, in case you need to make an emergency call on short notice. Items can also come in handy: such as personal alarms and pepper spray.

“The pepper spray is my best idea for deterrent because it’s hot. If it will stop a bear, it will stop a person for sure,” said Rush.

If you ever find yourself in an uncomfortable situation while out on a run, Rush said you should take into consideration how close you are to a potential attacker.

“All the police I’ve spoke with always said if there’s a runner, vehicle, or people interaction, get the license plate. If you can’t and they’re close, just do what you do best and run,” said Rush.

The race starts Friday at 5:30 a.m. at the Bentonville Town Square.