FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — The surface lot on the corner of Dickson Street and West Avenue is now empty after it closed Monday which could help boost a new revenue stream in Fayetteville’s entertainment district.

Fayetteville opened a new parking garage on West Avenue on Friday, and it has 290 public parking spots that Justin Clay, the city’s parking manager, expects will generate at least $500,000 of revenue each year — both of which are the same amounts of the now-closed surface lot.

With the empty 50 acres, Fayetteville is ushering in a new outdoor city plaza for the community to gather at. The project will be called The Upper Ramble.

The Upper Ramble will have the Razorback Greenway rerouted through it, as well as areas for art to be hung and patrons to participate in outdoor activities. Peter Nierengarten, Fayetteville’s environmental director, said there aren’t any officially scheduled events yet, but he envisions there will be.

“Outdoor concerts, outdoor movie, the start and/or finish of a running or cycling event,” Nierengarten said. “Could be a farmer’s market there, could be a wine festival, could be an art show, could be a lot of different opportunities for events and activities in the space.”

The city broke ground on the plaza project Monday and expects it to be completed in approximately one year.

Clay says the city’s parking system funds itself, and when they have a net profit, he says they try to invest back into the community.

“Our 2024 proposed budget, for example, is proposing to allocate $125,000 to the Downtown Fayetteville Coalition to support their efforts in maintaining a vibrant downtown,” Clay said.