The company behind a controversial wind farm project in Elm Springs says it has suspended efforts to build in Northwest Arkansas.
Tuesday, Elm Springs voters decided to repeal the city’s annexation of the land, which means the property will go back to Washington County.  The land was annexed from the county to the city in 2015.  A group against the wind farm project then gathered enough signatures to send the annexation decision to a public vote.
Dragonfly Industries COO Craig Cook said after that vote, they have decided to focus resources on other opportunities.  
“After yesterday’s vote to repeal property annexation by Elm Springs, the board of directors of Dragonfly Industries has decided to suspend efforts to site a wind farm project in northwest Arkansas. The company will be focusing resources on other opportunities which have arisen, and on continuing the development phase of our technology. We are grateful to those who were willing to consider the potential of this very promising technology, and wish the citizens of Elm Springs the best in their efforts to develop their community,” Cook said.
Following Tuesday’s special election, Elm Springs Mayor Harold Douthit, who supported the wind farm proposal, told KNWA, “While I am disappointed, I exercised my freedom of speech, the opponents exercised their freedom of speech, the citizens voted.  That’s democracy.  I will continue to look for opportunities for our city in the future.”
In November, a KNWA investigation uncovered the criminal past of the wind farm company’s CEO Jody Davis.  Davis was sentenced to prison six years ago for embezzlement and wire fraud.  In a statement to KNWA last fall, Davis said he’d made some mistakes in his past but paid a high price for them and turned his life around.