SPRINGDALE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A new permit for a company causes concern for people living around Beaver Lake.

The Arkansas Department of Energy and Environment held a public input meeting on August 31 on a new permit that would allow Denali Water Solutions to dump industrial waste on pastures near Brush Creek, which drains into Upper Beaver Lake.

Those with the Beaver Water District say the permit is too vague while Denali says it is willing to comply with any regulations it needs to.

“The permit is extremely vague in terms of what the practice is going to be, what material is going to be made of, how and when it is going to be applied and in what quantity,” said James McCarty with the Beaver Water District. “So it’s really hard to determine how much impact it’s going to have on the watershed.

“We are not opposed to other regulations,” said Gabe Timby with Denali Water Solutions. “We just want to know what we have to do, and we will do what we can to follow those rules.”

Some of the waste being dumped would include organic waste from food processing plants.