FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — As tensions in the Middle East persist, many parents are grappling with the challenge of discussing the Israel-Hamas conflict with their children.

With information readily accessible through various sources such as peers at school and the internet, children may feel confused and anxious about the situation.

To aid parents in effectively addressing these concerns, KNWA/FOX 24 reached out to counselor Jennifer Gray for guidance on supporting children.

Gray suggests:

  1. Reassuring kids that parents are there for them and are here to support them.
  2. Limiting social media exposure and regulate what they watch on TV.
  3. Providing information based on by telling the truth like who is involved but to remember to keep details simple.
  4. Knowing the signs of anxiety. Kids can internalize their fears and concerns.
  5. If they want to help, let them get involved by donating their time or money to organizations helping in the region.

If parents are still concerned about how to talk to their child, Gray says that seeking help or assistance is always an option.