FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – COVID-19 Case numbers are on the decline here in the Natural State, and many Arkansans are probably itching to get back out to their favorite restaurants or sporting events. 

Dr. Rawle Seupaul with UAMS says everything is a personal choice, but you need to understand the risk. 

“If you want to draw comparisons. Would you send your child to a classroom where somebody had the measles, would you go to a bar or restaurant where several people have the measles; I know I wouldn’t,” says Dr. Seupaul. 

Fayetteville City Health Officer, Dr. Sharkey Marti, agrees it’s all a personal choice, and COVID-19 is still a real concern. 

“The biggest difference between now and spring of 2020 is we have vaccines,” says Dr. Sharkey. “Your chances of being in a car accident or higher than being in the hospital with COVID-19.” 

So when it comes to going to your favorite restaurant, the gym,  family gathering, or a sporting event. 

“Each individual Individual has to calculate for themselves their level of risk with the understanding that you would probably contract the COVID-19 virus,” says Dr. Seupaul.