FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) – Arkansas‘s COVID-19 case count continued to hit record highs this week alongside a record-high active case count. 

In light of this, many of you may be concerned about heading into social settings.  

While doctors say you should avoid larger crowds like pack bars or indoor stadiums, there are ways to go to places like the store and be socially responsible. 

The Fayetteville city health officer and the state epidemiology say wearing a mask, and a proper one, should be an everyday practice. 

“We always want you to wear a mask; I would recommend you wear an N 95 mask,” says Dr. Marti Sharkey.

“Cloth masks do an excellent job of blocking moisture coming out of your mouth when you talk, laugh, or sneeze. But, now we’re wanting people to take additional steps to protect themselves from infection because the Omicron variant is that much more infectious,” says Dr. Jennifer Dillaha. 

Both say in addition to wearing a mask, the number one way you can protect yourself and others is by being vaccinated.