Cyber Monday Security: Protecting Your Information


Adobe Analytics predicts this year Cyber Monday spending will reach 6.6-billion dollars, the highest its ever been.

However, shopping online does come with risks. Someone could steal your identity and that means hackers could open credit cards under your name and ruin your credit history. According to Cybersecurity Company Domain Tools’ 2017 Cyber Monday Phishing Survey, 91% of people know they could get hacked. About 40% of people in the United States have had their identity stolen.

Trends expert Sara Skirboll says the growing nature of Cyber Monday creates more opportunities for hackers. She says, “Nowadays, what we’re seeing is Black Friday and Cyber Monday being merged. So, instead of Black Friday being its own holiday, and Cyber Monday being its own holiday, we’re starting to see it being called ‘Cyber Week’ or the 5 days of saving.”

It’s not just on websites that you’ll need to be extra careful. This year, experts advise you to also look out for fake apps that can steal your personal information, or try to extort money by locking your phone.

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