FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) — It’s been one month since the new Arkansas bike law rolled out; giving more freedom to cyclists on the road.

On Monday, a cyclist was injured after being hit by a truck at the intersection of Gregg Avenue and Sycamore Street.

This year, the city of Fayetteville has seen multiple bicyclist versus car accidents.

So, what’s the cause behind it?

“It’s a possibility that people don’t understand the laws fully,” said Ben Falkner, an avid biker.

Falkner is referring to the new law that allows cyclists to treat red lights like stop signs, and stop signs like yield signs.

It’s been one month since it rolled out.

Cpl. Dallas Brashears with the Fayetteville Police Department said, “As long as they’re safe, they slow down, observe the intersection, make sure no vehicles are coming, they can pass through a stop sign without making a complete stop.”

But, Falkner said not everyone understands the law.

Until they do; transparency and caution are key.

“Making sure that everyone knows your intentions at an intersection is pretty crucial,” he said. “Going through any intersection at your cruising speed is not going to be safe. No matter what the circumstance is.”

Cpl. Brashearsas said, “For your normal motor vehicle operators, they just need to be aware that with the nice weather, all the kids coming back to school, and this being a bike-friendly town, there’s going to be more bikes on the road.”

He said the best way to transition into the new legislation is for both bikers and drivers to understand the new rules of the road.

“Whether it’s through the police department, through an internet search, or talking to a local bike shop, they’re going to have the proper information on what you need to do, where you need to do it and how to be safe,” Cpl. Brashearsas said. “We just want everybody out there to be on the same page and keep our car riders and bicyle riders safe.”