As the weather gets warmer, more bikes will be seen on trails all over northwest Arkansas. But in Rogers, one resident worried a particular area could be dangerous, especially for the newest of riders.

“The child has decided that he doesn’t want to go back out on the trail because he’s afraid he’s going to get hit,” said local bike rider, Matt.

Matt lives in Rogers and said he’s seen a trend of cars driving where they shouldn’t. Garrett Road has been closed to general traffic for the past couple of months because of nearby traffic. Currently, only bikers and people who live on the street should be using it.

“We’re just worried that there are no signs, nothing telling pedestrians, cyclists even people driving what they’re supposed to do,” Matt said.

Not only are people driving on the closed road; they’re also driving on the designated bike and walking trail, according to Matt. 

“You can’t do that,” said Officer Keith Foster with the Rogers Police Department. “That’s a straight violation of a city ordinance. You can get a citation for that.”

Officer Foster said he understands the construction is inconvenient but said everyone still needs to follow the rules of the road.

“Even though one side of a barricade may be missing, it’s still closed,” Foster said. “It’s the same as if we had barrels or anything else across this area. You can’t drive past the barriers.”

Matt said he doesn’t want to get anyone in trouble, he just wants to make the area safer.

“We have a lot of children that play out here,” Matt said. “A lot of people walking dogs, people on headphones. And all it’s going to take is one driver for someone to get hurt.”

Officer Foster said the Parks and Recreation Department reached out to the contractor who said they will work to get clearer barriers. He also said more police will be in the area to make sure it isn’t happening.