NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KNWA/KFTA) — One Northwest Arkansas woman’s life has been transformed by her mother’s 30-year battle with cancer.

Karrie Tran’s mother is a five-time cancer survivor. Her mom has been fighting the disease for more than three decades.

“Recently, she was diagnosed with breast cancer,” Tran said. “So, she just completed her sixth round of chemo. She is the strongest person I know.”

Tran’s mother pushed her to get involved with the Cancer Challenge five years ago.

“Well my mom is telling me I have to do this, so I guess I am going to do it,” she said.” I am a single mom. I have two teenagers. Who has time to volunteer?”

But, Tran made the time. And, she is now the event photographer for the organization.

“It was the best decision ever, it just changed everything for me,” she said. “It has just made me more aware about how many people have cancer or are getting ready to go through a season with cancer and how prominent it is.”

Jessica DuQuesne has a similar story of how she got involved with the Cancer Challenge. Like Tran, her mother also led her to the organization.

“My mom had breast cancer and she unfortunately lost her battle,” she said. “Cancer is such a big burden for all families. It’s an economic burden and you don’t know what is the next step. And we had such wonderful people that helped us through that.”

DuQuesne said she decided to volunteer as a way to give back to an organization that did so much for her mother.

“There are so many people here who go through that burden of cancer and cancer in their family and they need your support,” she said.

Volunteering is a way for DuQuesne and Tran to honor their mothers.

“After a Cancer Challenge event, I will post pictures and she will call and she’s just like thank you for standing up for us and capturing the moments that you did,” Tran said. “I never expected Cancer Challenge to become as important to me as it has.”

The Cancer Challenge has a telethon on November 10. It’s a chance to give back and support cancer care in Northwest Arkansas.