A local mother wants to change Arkansas laws after a deadly hit and run killed 18-year-old, Hailey King last November in Fayetteville.
Sergio Rodriguez was driving near the intersection of Randel and Zion when he struck King and Osmin Gutierrez on a scooter.King was killed while Gutierrez has both his legs severed. 
After the hit, Rodriguez fled the scene and turned himself into police two days later.
Kathryn Hall, Daughter killed in hit and run said, “I don’t think it gets any easier no matter how long it’s been. The only thing that’s got me through is the fight for my daughter, the fight to change the laws to hopefully save some other young life.” 
8 months later, King’s mother wants to make hit and run laws more strict if you injure or kill someone. 
“As it stands now a driver who is involved in an accident is safer in the means of the law and jail time to leave the scene rather than stay and call for help,” said Hall.
We spoke with attorney Tim Snively to find out exactly what the Arkansas law is currently. 
“If you leave the scene of an accident where you’re driving a vehicle of any type, and someone is seriously injured or killed then you are charged with a class D felony and you are charged up to 6 years in the prison,” said Snively.
If a person if possibly intoxicated, their sentence could be shorter.
“If someone leaves the scene of an accident, and they were intoxicated and someone dies..it’s difficult for law enforcement to prove that intoxication so their sentence could be less,” explained Snively.
Hall is doing what she can to change this, and bring justice for her daughter and others who have been impacted by hit and runs.
“The only thing I could do was to try to be the voice for my daughter since she no longer has one,” said Hall. “We are going to be lobbying as hard as we possibly can to get these laws changed.” 
Since the laws can’t change until 2019, Hall hopes even just awareness will save lives.
“It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life. If something happens..please, do the right thing and call for help. Stop. Don’t just keep going,” said Hall.
Rodriguez will be in court September 7th, where he currently is being charged for a felony for fleeing.