LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An executive order is bringing about new changes to the foster care system in Arkansas.

The Department of Human Services has outlined 11 different recommendations in response to Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Executive Order 23-18.

The executive order is the policy of the governor’s administration to protect vulnerable children, support foster families, and work with stakeholders to improve the foster care system in Arkansas.

“People right now in our society, we have the tendency of pointing fingers and saying this system is broken, but really what we need to be saying is how can we fix the system,” Lillie Price, a woman whose family fosters in Arkansas, said.

“I really hope that these things they are putting into place not only help the children, but they also help the foster families,” Price said.

Price and her family have been fostering children in Arkansas for the past four years.

“Seeing what love and security and stability does for them is life-changing. It’s life-changing for them, but it’s life-changing for us,” Price stated.

After Governor Sanders made an executive order regarding the foster care system in Arkansas, over 130 people came in to evaluate how everything works and gave 11 recommendations to help fill the current gaps and improve the lives of children in the state.

“We might not have all the answers, but I think when we all get together around a table and have conversations we can figure out how to make this work,” Arkansas Division of Children and Family Services Director Tiffany Wright said.

“It was just taking this extra group to come in and look at it from the outside to see what really the problems were and to hear all the parts is what really is going to make this work,” Price said.

Governor Sanders released a statement Monday saying, “Our foster care system has the potential to put every child in Arkansas in a safe, loving home, which is why I created a working group to make it even better.”

“I applaud these advocates on their hard work and excellent proposals and look forward to working with them to turn these recommendations into reality,” Sanders added.

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