Did Adnan Do it? ‘Serial’ Case Granted an Appeal

(CNN) This is “Serial,” the most talked about podcast in 2014. And now the man at the heart of it is getting a new chance to overturn his conviction.

On Friday, the Maryland court of appeals agreed to hear Adnan Syed’s case. A decision based on the claim that Syed’s original attorney failed to call a key witness who gave him an alibi. It’s a huge victory for the 33-year-old.

In 2000, he was convicted of murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee. Syed became a familiar name to millions around the world last year because of journalist Sarah Koenig, who focused her podcast on the 1999 Baltimore murder case.

“Something doesn’t make sense here in this case. And I don’t know where the problem is. And so it really is just me trying to figure that out,” Koenig said.

The drama was downloaded a record breaking 5 million times but perhaps more importantly, it cast reasonable doubt among listeners that Syed might have been sentenced to life in prison for a crime he did not commit.

“You could take any one piece of it and say well that didn’t happen, but that doesn’t mean that the entire thing is corrupt,” Koenig said.

On Friday, syed’s attorney tweeted: “We will be heard by the court of special appeals. It’s another step in the direction of winning a new trial for Adnan.”

“I would rather someone says, ‘Adnan, I think you’re a jerk, you’re selfish, you know, you’re a crazy sob, you should just stay in there for the rest of your life, except that I looked at your case and it looks, you know, like a little off. You know, like something’s not right,'” Syed said in an episode of “Serial.”

While Koenig’s podcast may have drawn attention to the case, the wheels were in motion for an appeal well before the podcast debuted. But now a significant step by the court that will give “Serial’s” army of faithful followers a chance at solving the biggest mystery, did Adnan Syed really do it?

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