ALMA, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — A new Hulu docuseries, “Still Missing Morgan”, explores the disappearance of Morgan Nick. Morgan was just 6 years old when she was kidnapped in Alma in June 1995. She’s still missing decades later.

The four-part series follows investigators as they uncover new leads and make breakthroughs in the case. It focuses on new investigators that re-examined Morgan’s case in 2020. The series’ director, Arkansas native Devon Parks, said the series also homes in on a vehicle and a key suspect in the investigation.

“We try to take the viewer right alongside the investigators, a day-by-day process, of what it was like in this case and the amount of work that still was going into this case,” Parks said.

The Nick Family lived in Ozark in 1995. They were visiting Alma to watch a little league baseball game. When the game was over, Morgan went to play for about 15 minutes and watch fireflies. During that time, she was kidnapped.

Colleen Nick, Morgan’s mom, has actively worked to bring her daughter home. She even started the Morgan Nick Foundation to help other families find their missing children.

While she hopes the docuseries brings more information to light about her daughter’s kidnapping, she also wants to spread awareness to everyone about the need to keep an eye out for kids in danger.

“You might not always be able to recognize a child who has been kidnapped, but it’s real easy for us to recognize a child who is not in a good situation. As the adults around these children, it is our obligation to call the police,” Colleen said.

Colleen only watched the series once and said it was hard to watch, even after her family lived through it. The series also reveals new information about a vehicle investigated in connection to the kidnapping. She said investigators have been very open with her family about the findings.

“We know Morgan was in somebody’s vehicle, but to know that particular vehicle was driven by a person who had done unthinkable things to children, as a mama, that breaks my heart,” Colleen said.

For Morgan’s family, she’s still missing just as much today as the day she was taken. There’s still an empty seat at the dinner table and an empty place in their homes for the holidays. Even though Morgan may not come home in the way the family hopes, Colleen said she still deserves to come home.

“We either have to quit or keep going, and those are both hard choices. We choose to keep going, keep fighting for Morgan,” Colleen said.

Growing up in Van Buren, Parks heard about Morgan’s disappearance. When he was approached about the documentary and got to know the Nick family, he saw a big opportunity.

There was little public information over the years, and Parks thought it would be a good idea to work with the Nick family and investigators to benefit the case. Parks enjoyed being a fly on the wall in the investigation process. He said nearly 28 years ago, technology wasn’t advanced enough to do what modern technology and media can do.

According to Parks, it was an emotional process and a challenging one. There were files of evidence from 25 years ago that couldn’t be found. He said there were also challenging clearances to follow.

Parks said people still need to come forward to help find out what exactly happened to Morgan and where she is.

“There are little pieces of information that still need to be gathered and tiny pieces of information that could lead to finding and bringing Morgan home, finally,” Parks said.

Colleen said for the past nearly 28 years, Arkansas has stood up and supported her family. She said Morgan’s search is the biggest manhunt the state of Arkansas has seen. She hopes others from around the country are also inspired to stand up and fight back to make a difference in their communities.

“Arkansas just stood up and said, ‘We are not going to let this happen. This can’t happen again, and it’s not okay.’ Now that this documentary is going to cover the world, our hope is that it inspires people to do the same,” Colleen said.

You can watch the four-part series now on Hulu.