FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (KNWA/KFTA) — “A Safe Place to Sleep” documentary reveals what it’s like for renters in Arkansas.

The documentary was shown in Fayetteville on Monday and included a conversation with Monique Jones, director of outreach at St. James Food Pantry, and Arkansas Sen. Greg Leding.

Jones said renters in Arkansas can face many challenges.

“Holes in walls, windows not opening, rodents, insects, even sewage coming up their sinks and their bathrooms and their tubs,” Jones said.

Jones said Arkansas is the only state in the country that does not have habitability laws, which require landlords to provide a habitable place to live.

“Thats horrible that we’re the only ones, and I hope that something changes coming from this documentary,” Jones said.

Leding has been advocating for renters’ rights in the Arkansas legislature. He said the documentary sheds light on the need to improve protections for renters in the state.

“More than a third of Arkansans rent their homes, so it’s important to understand what the law is, the work they can do to change it and understand why the laws are the way they are right now,” Leding said.

Leding said he doesn’t know if the current legislative session will be able to tackle the issue, but he said he’s hopeful the documentary will be a starting point for change.

“Unfortunately, now the legislative session is coming to a close, and there won’t be meaningful change between now and 2025. Arkansans will see the film, ask questions, get engaged,” Leding said.