A new docuseries explores the life and crimes of River Valley televangelist and cult leader Tony Alamo.

Ministry of Evil: The Twisted Cult of Tony Alamo takes a deep look into Alamo, who, together with his wife Susan, launched The Tony and Susan Alamo Christian Foundation in 1969 that evolved into a cult that continues to have followers.

“Together, by skirting the law and enforcing a code of silence among their followers, the Alamos came to wield unimaginable power, becoming millionaires on the backs of their believers,” states a news release issued by AMC publicity.

The docuseries explores the Alamo Empire’s cultural consequences and features rare archival footage, including an exclusive videotaped deposition with Alamo himself. 

“It also weaves together interviews with the FBI agent who took Alamo down as well as cult survivors who have never previously shared their stories,” the news release states.

Alamo’s church was founded in Califronia, but moved to Dyer, Ark., near Alma, in the 1970s. Dyer is the hometown of Susan Alamo.

Alamo was convicted in 2009 of taking girls, including a 9 year old, across state lines for sex. He was sentenced to the maximum 175 years in prison.

Alamo died in prison in 2017.

Ministry of Evil airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. Central Time on the Sundance Channel, which is part of AMC.