A clean-energy company is setting it’s sights on Northwest Arkansas for a potential wind-farm project. ‘Dragonfly Industries’ purchased just over three hundred acres near Elm Springs and is now looking to get the land annexed into the city.

Lisa Lovell has lived just outside of Elm Springs for 15 years. She wants everything to stay just the way it is.

“This is a residential area, and we’re opposed to it because we don’t want to be an industrial park.” Lovell said.

Just up the street, 311 acres is set to become a wind farm. She and her neighbors are opposed.

“Number one they are 100 foot tall towers, and there’s 41 of them. Each of them will have two jet engine type turbines on them. We don’t know the effects it will have on the wildlife, we don’t know the effects it will have on our property value.” Lovell said.

Currently this land is under Washington County control, but the company is looking to be annexed by the city of Elm Springs.

Elm Springs mayor Harold Douthit says this project is coming no matter what.

“They are going to have to appease and adhere to all the federal regulations, the state regulations, the local regulations. The bottom line of this whole thing is pretty simple: there’s gonna be a wind farm, the question is that wind farm going to be in Elm Springs or is it going to be left in the county.”

Douthit believes there are several benefits to annexation.

“To the city of Elm Springs, there will be a number of dollars on point of delivery materials. There will be some entry level jobs there that will be developed or come about because of this project.” Douthit said.

Douthit says ultimately the discussion will be made by City Council, but for now he’s in favor of annexing the land.

“If it will benefit the city of Elm Springs, then I for one will be for it,” Douthit said.

Mayor Douthit has scheduled a a town hall meeting for Tuesday, March 31, where citizens and members of the community can get their questions answered by Dragonfly Industries.