Driver Asleep At The Wheel Hits 8 Children and Their Teacher

Police awaiting toxicology results

PEA RIDGE, Ark. (KNWA) -- Pea Ridge Police are waiting on the results of a lab test to determine if the driver who hit eight children and their teacher this morning was driving under the influence. 

Even though the driver didn't confess to being impaired, he did admit to a different mistake. 

The man admitted to the police that he fell asleep behind the wheel. Even so, neighbors say there's no excuse for this. 

"They are children and they are caregivers who are out for a fun time and someone is not paying attention. So I hope whoever did, I hope they have to pay for it," said Roxanne Peters, who lives in Pea Ridge, right down the street from the site of the accident. 

Peters has lived right off of Hallack Lane for 22 years. She says she sees speeders each and every day. 

"They are flying all the time and I never hear anybody being caught," Peters said. 

Wednesday morning, one of those speeders struck multiple children and the teacher who was pushing them in a stroller. Pea Ridge Police Sergeant, Michael Lisenbee, says the man behind the wheel cooperated with him the entire time. 

"The driver was detained. He stated to us that he fell asleep behind the wheel, and officers at that point performed a standardized field sobriety testing," Sergeant Lisenbee said. 

"It's not an excuse to be sleepy on the road. You pull over," Peters said. 

The man, who police have not named, is no longer in custody and does not face charges at this moment. The police submitted blood and urine samples to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for a toxicology report. The department will wait on those results to see if any will be filed.

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