BENTON, Ark. (KARK) — A local school is helping to bring Christmas to those less fourtante in their community.

“I hope kids that don’t normally get a Christmas find these presents and they just have a happy Christmas,” says Sophia Brashears a 7th Grader at Benton Middle School.

More than 200 students from Benton Middle School are part of the Elf Club. It’s been around for nearly three decades and each year getting bigger.

On Friday the kids took the $21,000 they raised to Walmart to pick out gifts for children and families in their community.

Students that participate in the Elf Club went to Walmart to spend the money they raised to buy gifts for kids in their community.

“Basically, we do all this fundraising starting the school year to raise money to help children who normally don’t get a Christmas,” says Brashears.

Lisa Roth has been working with the Elf Club for several years. She helps coordinate and ensures the student-led toy drive goes smoothly and that the children of Salaine County don’t go without a Christmas.

“Each year we do the same thing. We get together with the Elf Club we raise money throughout the year and they raise money throughout the year to get the toys at the end of the year,” says Lisa Roth the toy drive organizer.

Roth says this toy drive is very important to the community because without it many kids would not have a Christmas.

“Some kids would go without Christmas,” says Roth. “Without our Elf Club raising the money that they do each year – this year the money they raised will go to the families that may not have had Christmas.”

With Christmas Day quickly approaching the little Benton Middle School elves are moving fast because they know what it means to get a gift on Christmas morning.

“I hope the kids have a big smile on their face when they open it,” says Brashears.

For Brashears the magic of Christmas is alive in her heart and the hearts of all the children at the Benton Middle School Elf Club – showing the true meaning of this holiday season.

“I think every kid deserves a merry Christmas because they should all have something. No kid should be left alone, no kid should be left with nothing – someone, somebody should have something at least during the holidays,” says Brashears.