It is pretty undeniable that Barrett Baber and Blake Shelton had an electric connection since the very beginning. It might be because they are both super tall or because they both have southern accents, but Barrett and Blake definitely have a little bromance going on.
“He’s just a guy, just a normal guy who’s really passionate about making music and from what I can tell is very passionate about helping people like me… I call him my bro, I mean he’s a good dude,” said Barrett.
“People can connect with Barrett for obvious reasons. He literally is like the guy that lives next door… As a guy that actually knows the man, I hope everybody gets a chance to meet him one day because he’s a really good dude,” said Blake.

Two good dudes building a bond since their Angel Eyes met at the blind audition.
“He walked up and gave me a big hug and said ‘Where you been hiding?’ and I said ‘Man, in Arkansas waiting on you.'”

“I try not to get uh bromantically involved with my contestants,” said Blake.
He might try, but there is no denying those two cowboys have been making beautiful music side by side. Hopefully, the bromance will not be ending anytime soon.
“I don’t know anybody that works harder than that guy… That’s one of the reasons I think he should win The Voice, you know, because he works so hard at this.”
“We’ve broken down that wall between like this celebrity and this non celebrity that are on the show together… I’m certain that my friendship with Blake is going to continue beyond the show,” said Barrett.